Join us for a physically distanced outdoor movie night in Southtown. To ensure safe social distancing, all seating is ticketed. You can reserve 1 seat for $6(+tax), two seats for $12(plus tax) or reserve a 4-top table for $22(+tax). Film starts at dusk. This even is pet-friendly.

We are really hoping that this event works well for everyone, so please support The Good Kind Southtown. You can order for pick-up in advance or arrive early to ensure your meal is ready. No outside food or beverages. 

John Huston's "Beat the Devil" (1953) shows how much Hollywood has lost by devaluing its character actors. In an age when a $20 million star must be on the screen every second, this picture could not be made. Huston has stars, too: Bogart, Jennifer Jones, Gina Lollobrigida, but his movie is so funny because he throws them into the pot with a seedy gang of charlatans. "We have to beware of them," the Jones character warns her husband. "They're desperate characters. Not one of them looked at my legs." Read more of Roger Ebert's review

If you cannot attend this event but would like to support future MicroCinema screenings at The Good Kind, you can donate here.