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Movie Screen Rental

We show free public outdoor movies all over San Antonio and South Texas, but our movie equipment is also available for private parties.
  • Large Marge
  • $450
  • The 9'x16' screen is good for HOAs, churches, schools and outdoor screenings with medium crowds.
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  • Megatron
  • $650
  • The 11'x20' screen is the perfect size for movies in the park and outdoor films with large crowds.
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  • Godzilla
  • $1,299
  • The 15'x25' screen makes a huge impression. It is ideal for large crowds and corporate events.
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  • The Baby
  • $299
  • The 12'x9' Backyard screen is perfect for home movie parties and small events.
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  • Indoor
  • $299
  • Space limitations? Our indoor screen fits in small areas.
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