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What time do the outdoor movies start?
Our movies start at dusk, or about 15 minutes after sundown. Check sunset times.

How much does it cost to attend an outdoor movie?

Unless otherwise noted, the outdoor movies are free to attend.

Is the outdoor cinema pet friendly?

  • Our movies in public spaces (like the Mission Marquee Plaza, Travis Park, Legacy Park and Hemisfair) are friendly to well-behaved pets on leashes.

  • Movies at museums and on campus (like SA Museum and the SA Botanical Garden) are not pet-friendly.

Where is the Outdoor Cinema?
We show movies at venues all over San Antonio and surrounding cities. See the Map.

How much is it to rent a screen for a private party?
We offer several inflatable movie screen sizes and can set up at your location, or work with you to host your event in public venues around San Antonio.
Is it legal to show a movie in public without a license?
No, not unless the film is in the public domain. Read more about movie licenses.

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