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San Antonio City Guide 2019

Kelly Merka Nelson

Mar 8, 2019

Deep Cuts: Elevated Movie Viewing in San Antonio

There’s nothing quite like rocking up to the old Mission Drive-In on a muggy summer evening with a crowd of like-minded movie buffs, spreading out a picnic blanket on the scrubby grass and sitting back with a cold beverage to enjoy a ’90s cult classic (in my case, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). Slab Cinema founders Angela and Rick Martinez want to share that feeling as far and wide as possible, and they’ve succeeded beyond their wildest expectations.

With a schedule that often features screenings in multiple locations on the same night, attendees are truly spoiled for choice. Films range from ’80s blockbusters to current hits, with a bunch of kid-friendly content mixed in. Those with more refined taste can stick to Oscar-winners like Moonlight, while the rest of us plebeians can catch the latest Marvel and Pixar flicks. If you prefer your movies to be aged to perfection, they still have you covered — on this year’s schedule are classics including Grease, Mary Poppins, and Pretty In Pink.

The best part? The movies are shown in amazing outdoor locations across the city. In addition to the Mission Marquee Plaza, Slab Cinema has also made appearances at the Alamo, Travis Park, Confluence Park and the San Antonio Museum of Art, among other venues. Free, times and locations vary, (210) 212-9373,


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